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Masters of Public Administration

degree plan.

The MPA program is structured to accommodate both full-time and part-time students. Courses are scheduled so students can typically complete the program in two calendar years and one semester; however, all students must complete the program within ten (10) years. In the most recent self-evaluation period (2005-2006 to 2009-2010 academic years), 60% of full-time MPA stduents graduate within two years or enrollment and 86.7% within five years. Over the same time period, 33.3% of part-time MPA students graduated within two years and 54.5% within five years.

Thirteen courses (39 graduate credit hours) are required for the MPA degree. Students complete the program by first taking the beginning core courses, and then taking their concentration courses. As students complete their concentration courses, they also complete the ending core courses.

Note: Click on a course name to view a sample syllabi, if available. Please note that these syllabi are generic and should not be considered the final syllabi for any specific term or section of this course. Contact the instructor with any questions.

Beginning Core:


Ending Core:

Selected Electives


Overview of the Concluding Requirement for the MPA Degree

Students enrolled in the UNO MPA program must complete either a Comprehensive Exam or the Capstone Project Course prior to being awarded their degree. (Note: Students admitted Fall 2011 and beyond will complete the capstone project or thesis.)


PA8030, Internship in Public Administration, is strongly recommended for students with little or no work experience in the public or nonprofit sectors. Students seeking to make a career change also benefit from an internship. Internships are half-time positions over the course of a semester, and count as a 3-credit hour elective toward the MPA degree. Students must complete the three beginning core courses in the program before enrolling in the internship course.

A successful internship requires lead time. Students are encouraged to discuss their internship plans with their academic advisor, as well as the Supervisor of Internships, Ellen Freeman-Wakefield (402-554-2636, for MPA students except those in the local government concentration, Bob Blair, Ph.D., (402.554-3865, for Urban Studies students and MPA students in the local government concentration. The procedure for obtaining an internship is to fill out an internship program application and to submit the application, with a current resume, to Dr. Hamilton or Dr. Blair, prior to the start of the semester. For more information, check the Internship web page.

Dual Degree Programs

To talk with the Academic Program Coordinator call or e-mail:
Meagan Van Gelder, Ed.D
Phone: 402-554-3480
Fax: 402-554-2682

Or the MPA Program Director:
Carol Ebdon, Ph.D.